Teacherpreneurs have so much on their plate. For instance, many spend hours teaching, planning, grading, and reflecting. However, the business side of a teacher is constantly developing new products, writing social media posts, and creating emails. In a world where email is a crucial way to communicate, it is vital to plan out thoughts carefully. Honestly, email marketing for TPT sellers is an essential part of a strong business plan. Unfortunately, teacherpreneurs are busy! Planning out emails can quickly become frustrating and overwhelming. Luckily, this does not have to be the case. With the Email Marketing Content Calendar, planning emails for the entire year will be enjoyable. 

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The Importance of Email Marketing for TpT Sellers

People are so busy today. Therefore, teacherpreneurs have to find creative ways to communicate when running a business. Luckily, emails are the perfect way to create personalized responses in a relatively quick timeframe. For instance, email marketing works best with a focus on targeted messaging. With a strong email sequence, teacherpreneurs will form relationships with each subscriber. After establishing this connection, subscribers will regularly receive newsletters, sale notifications, teaching tips, and loyalty rewards. While this may sound stressful, there are ways to help plan and manage all email communication! 

Email Marketing Content Calendar and Videos 

Planning an email marketing strategy can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, this content calendar provides a simple step-by-step guide to conquer the task of weekly planning! Additionally, it will help create a personalized email marketing plan that is easy to manage and made just for you! Essentially, you will take back your evenings while your email marketing plan creates a booming business. 

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Monthly Benefits 

Various questions may come to mind while working on email marketing for TPT sellers. For instance, how do I know when to send emails? What do I put in the emails? How do I manage an email sequence as new subscribers sign up? How do I persuade them to actually open the email? Honestly, so many questions will come to mind. Thankfully, the Email Marketing Content Calendar and Videos will guide you every step of the way! Best of all, it will help plan our emails for the entire YEAR! 

Every month, you will receive a convenient way to plan out your best-selling products from the last year. This includes tips to sell those products and highlight new products. Since the classroom is constantly changing, this blend is essential. Additionally, four emails are planned for you that include 2-4 ideas for email content. Since coming up with new ideas can be challenging, this support is incredibly helpful. Furthermore, there are tips included to learn more about email marketing. Honestly, a strong email marketing plan can make your business and products stand out way above the rest. That is precisely why having a thought-out plan will take your sales and subscriber number to the next level. 

How Email Marketing Can Help the TpT Seller 

The Email Marketing Content Calendar and Videos contain so many incredible monthly benefits. While anyone can buy this resource, there are specific reasons it will help YOU! 

First, it provides high-quality resources to help you plan ahead. No one wants to be stressed and rushed when planning. Thus, this resource shows you how to produce high-quality emails sent in a timely format. To do this, there is a significant focus on creating your brand. 

Second, this resource helps build customer rapport and connectedness to your business. With the timing of emails, subscribers get to know you as a person and teacher. Honestly, this is essential when building brand awareness because teachers do not have extra money just to test out resources. Everything bought needs to be just right for various classrooms. 


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Third, this resource helps create a system to revise your schedule to take advantage of emerging opportunities. For instance, holidays and notable dates can easily sneak up. Or, a desire to have a special sale or advertise a new resource may arise. Thankfully, this product helps reduce panic over how to schedule emails and make quick changes. Since creating the perfect marketing plan can appear daunting, there are even videos on best practices and special tips. Between all of the personal connections and special bonus material, email marketing will become a breeze! 

In a world where everyone is so busy, subscribers need a way to receive communication via mobile device, tablet, or computer! Thus, the Email Marketing Content Calendar explains how to reach all subscribers in their preferred format. With the tips and tricks in this resource, your emails will stand out among all of the other teacherpreneurs! 

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