Everyone wants to make money with email marketing. However, with so many people using email to promote a product or service, there is plenty for buyers to pick from. Thus, advanced email marketing is essential. This involves developing relationships with potential customers, sending promotions, and showcasing how products can benefit buyers. When working on email marketing for TpT sellers, funnels and sequences will make your products stand out above all the rest. 

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Importance of Email List for TpT Sellers

The first part of advanced email marketing involves having a list of subscribers. This is essential when email marketing for TpT sellers or showcasing a new thought or product. Specifically, a list of subscribers will create followers excited about your tips and products. This means you can showcase how they don’t need to waste time searching for products. Instead, they can await your emails, read your blog, and check out your TpT store before the rest. With an advanced email sequence, your followers will know you have high-quality products that they can purchase with confidence. 

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Email Marketing Showcase 

Some people may wonder if they need email marketing. In other words, some may say it is easier to list products on TpT and wait for the sales to come in. However, advanced email marketing is about taking your profit margins higher than ever. With email marketing for TpT sellers, regular communication occurs to send updates and special offers. There can even be automated sequences to make every subscriber feel welcome. Furthermore, advanced email marketing ensures that subscribers see your products. While social media is excellent, there are so many people to follow. Thus, many products and posts get lost in the mix. Luckily, email marketing helps ensure people see what you have to say. 

Tips to Kickstart Advanced Email Marketing for TpT Sellers

When designing email marketing for TpT sellers, funnels or sequences are essential. Once someone gives you their email address, they will start a series of emails. Since every person is different, the series will vary. For some, this includes sales emails. For others, the start of the sequence will be about connecting with the subscribers. This can consist of describing who you are before pushing for a sale. Ultimately, a funnel or sequence is the perfect way to upsell a product for multiple reasons. 

Rapport and Relationships:

A funnel or sequence helps establish trust with subscribers. Since you want to generate sales, the funnel allows you to move past free resources or a password to a freebie library. It shows followers that you understand their needs because you are in the same situation. Thus, they can trust your products and be confident in purchasing. Essentially, a funnel creates a connection with subscribers by letting them know who you are and how you can help. 


When developing an advanced email marketing strategy, a funnel provides consistent support to subscribers. It sends out reminders that you are here to share ways you can help them. Additionally, it brings in relevant issues going on in classrooms and shows how your products can make life easier. Subscribers receive encouraging words that you are going through the same thing, which means you are also applying your products to help. Honestly, this shows subscribers that you are in their corner.

Upsell Progression:

Many will just hit delete if you send an email to new subscribers listing an expensive product. Teachers have limited budgets and cannot spend money on a product if they are not 100% positive it will help their classroom. Hence, a sequence helps subscribers know who they are following. After this, it then showcases smaller products. Teachers may often be comfortable spending a few dollars to see the quality of a product. Then, the products can be more extensive and of more value as the sequence continues. Since subscribers have purchased products or explored freebies, they will know the high-quality products you create. As the funnel continues, subscribers will know that your products are worth the cost. 

email marketing

Now is the Time to Start Email Marketing for TpT Sellers

Whether you are new to creating a funnel or rebranding, now is the time to start advanced email marketing for TpT sellers. There are more blogs and products put out each day. Thus, yours has to stand out among the rest. The ideal way to do this is to showcase who you are and how you are ready to help others. Then, the funnel will explain how your products can make subscribers’ lives easier and save them time. As purchases come in, the funnel can even include testimonials about the amazing products you offer. Honestly, a strong funnel or sequence will upsell your products by bringing in your personality and desire to help others. 

With an advanced email marketing strategy, funnels or sequences will show how your products stand out among all the rest. Subscribers will know that they can trust you as a teacher and creator. Thankfully, an appropriately paced sequence will showcase various products that will enhance the lives of all subscribers. Ultimately, a funnel or sequence will make email marketing for TpT sellers a breeze! 

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