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    Email Marketing

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    I am an expert with email marketing can help you maximize your earning potential with the power of a single email. I have extensive experience with most email marketing programs! I have taken several email marketing and training courses.

    Have you been thinking about an email list?

    Don’t know where to start
    Want to start maximizing your earning potential?

    Email Marketing Services Offered

    A la Carte Services

    • Packages starting at $75– Examples can include but not limited to: Email writing, email template scheduling, connecting email to a website, creating landing and sales pages, funnels, welcome sequences and upsell sequences, and so much more. Email [email protected] for a price quote 
    • Email Retainer package – 10 hours a month for $800 (resets every 30 days) Hours do NOT roll over month to month. Retainers are a “use it or lose it” model. I  will be in communication with you on a weekly basis around hour usage so there should never be a surprise at the end of the month if/when hours are unused. 
    • Zoom Training and Support ($150 an hour) I  offer one on one zoom support. You can immediately improve your email, blogging, or SEO in 30 minutes or 1 hour! Learn more here!

    VIP Day Start Up Package - $450

    • Set up your email campaign
    • Add customer emails
    • 3 forms created
    • advertising free products or services to gather emails
    • 1 Landing page
    • 1 Welcome email sequence or workflow with automation 
    • 1 email template
    • Video explanation emailed to you with how to start email marketing and how to use your program video 
    • Multiple videos on how to successfully email market with real-life examples 
    • One time set up-completed in a day!
    • 30 days of email support 

    Packages Offered

    Customer Support

    Starting at $25 a day for me to respond to your emails and TpT Q&A.  

    Have a zero inbox each day and more time to focus on product creation!

    Cold Subscriber

    $300 a year to set up a cold subscriber automation and clean up your cold subscribers automatically every 3 months. This keeps your emails fresh, engaged, and creates a more affordable email bill. 

    Welcome Sequence Package

    Welcome new customer to your business. I have a simple and easy to follow template to plan the welcome sequence and then have four emails written just for your business. $300

    Weekly Email Package

    Every week emails researched, written, scheduled, & resend- $500 a month*

    *Extra $100 if you need me to plan the emails

    Biweekly Email Package

    Two emails a month researched, written, scheduled, & resend-$250 a month*

    *Extra $50 if you need me to plan the emails 

    Funnel Sequence Package

    Offer a freebie and upsell a product with this four email sequence or workflow package. 

    Additional emails and landing page creation can be added on to this service for an additional cost. 

    Rates starting at $300


    Examples of Email Opt Ins


    Examples of Email Marketing