Email Club

Join the email club now and get four monthly emails designed to nurture and sell to your customers. Perfect for DIY digital product business owners who want email support for a fraction of the price of hiring a copywriter. 

Each month, you will get a new set of 4 emails done for you! Plus, a surprise bonus. 

No commitment-> Cancel anytime!

Each month you get 4 emails that convert to sales!

Four highly engaging and nurturing plug-and-play emails to help you write a month of emails in a matter of minutes. 

I took four of my high-converting email copywriting strategies and made them PLUG-AND-PLAY! 


With prompts, examples, and clear calls to action, these templates make DIYing EMAILS EASIER AND FASTER THAN EVER. Simply insert a few key words and your links, and you’re ready to hit send. It’s as close to hiring me to write your emails as it gets (and a fraction of the cost!).

 The easiest, fastest way to DIY emails that engage and nurture your audience.

  • Save time and effort. You don’t have to spend hours writing emails from scratch. 
  • Increase your open rates and click-through rates. The emails are written to engage your audience and click your links.
  • Boost your sales. These emails are designed to help you sell your products and services because that is the goal of your business, right?
  • Nurture your email list. The emails don’t sacrifice the relatability and personalization necessary to build relationships with your audience. It’s simple–If they trust you, they want to buy from you. 


I will help you streamline your email writing process and maximize your earning potential.

It's time to write your emails like a professional!

Imagine having all your emails done ahead of time… NOW YOU CAN! 


FAQ for Email Club

This is a membership. You will be charged each month, quarter, or year to remain in the Email Club, but you can cancel anytime.

You will be charged on the same day each month, quarter, or year. The day you are charged will depend on the day you signed up originally.

Once you pay for a month in the Email Club, there are no refunds. You are welcome to cancel for the next month.

There are two versions of each email: 

  1. There are emails written each month for the teacher author niche, adjustable for all grade levels and subjects.
  2. There are also emails written each month for the online business niche, adjustable for any type of online business.

Each month you can login to your account to download them on the 20th of each month or quarter.  Go to my account. 

You will receive access to the new emails each month or quarter on the 20th of the month before.

The purchase of this membership applies to one business owner. You are not permitted to share these email templates with anyone else.