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$30.00 / month

Join the email club now and get four monthly emails designed to nurture and sell to your customers. Perfect for DIY digital product business owners who want email support for a fraction of the price of hiring an email marketing specialist or copywriter. Each month, you will get a new set of 4 emails done for you! Plus, a surprise bonus. No commitment-> Cancel anytime!


Sign up now if you are ready to: 

  • Save time and effort.
  • Increase your open rates and click-through rates
  • Boost your sales. 
  • Nurture your email list



Get four emails plus a fun bonus done for you each month in the Email Club!

Four highly engaging and nurturing plug-and-play emails to help you write a month of emails in a matter of minutes. 

I took four of my high-converting email copywriting strategies and made them PLUG-AND-PLAY! With prompts, examples, and clear calls to action, these templates make DIYing EMAILS EASIER AND FASTER THAN EVER. Simply insert a few key words and your links, and you’re ready to hit send. It’s as close to hiring me to write your emails as it gets (and a fraction of the cost!).

Whether you are a teacher-author or a standard business owner, I have monthly emails ready to go for you with two sets of emails each week.

What’s included? 

There are two versions of the emails for businesses that sell digital products: one for teacher-author businesses and one for regular businesses.

The easiest, fastest way to DIY emails that engage and nurture your audience.

  • STRATEGY- My signature writing strategy that has taken me over 4 years and 100s of clients to master.
  • PERSONALIZATION- Each email includes writing prompts to help you personalize your emails. Tell your own story and nurture your specific audience.
  • CLARITY- Clear and direct calls to action to help increase your open and click rates to increase conversions (i.e. make you more money!).

These Emails will help you with 4 highly engaging and high-converting emails to your subscribers. (That’s a full month if you send weekly emails!)  

Bonus: I will also include a bonus surprise each month. In addition, I will include the sale email templates for teacher-authors when a sale is announced!


These are designed exclusively for business owners or teacher-author business owners (the only membership like it).


These emails make writing simple and easy without sacrificing one very important element–RELATABILITY. 

Use the prompts and instructions in [red + brackets] to personalize with your brand voice and the details that set your business apart. 

To create clear calls to action, simply copy and paste links to your blog posts, products, courses, podcasts, etc in the places marked in BLUE.



Melissa’s email templates have been a game-changer for me and my business. Crafting emails would take me an hour or more, but I can batch and have a month’s worth of emails done in less time with Melissa’s templates. The best part is the templates help me craft emails that nurture and engage my community. The templates are pure gold! Melissa has thought of everything!” Melissa – Annotated ELA

I love the emails!! They are so useful! I love that they are relative to the time of year, plus the bonus was a super fun surprise!! Also, I love that they are meant to sell your products without being too salesy. I can’t wait to send them out next month. Plus, the color coding makes it super easy to just plug in the info and send.” Shelby—Lavender Learning

“For anyone who is on the fence about joining Melissa Seideman email club- here is your nudge to join! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I  am so thrilled to try the emails Melissa has put together!  The emails are crafted to make adding your specific products and stories very easy to do. I love the swipe file format!  I am looking forward to this email club helping me reach my goals for 2024!” –Michele Forman Rothstein

“These email templates are so easy to use and make writing emails something QUICK and even enjoyable to do. Thank you so much for setting these up! They help my stay organized make writing my weekly newsletter VERY EFFICIENT!” -Jordan Alonso

They will help you streamline your email writing process and maximize your earning potential.


How valuable, exactly? Well, I charge $600 to plan and write 4 emails a month for my clients. This is the same exact email copywriting strategy I’d use if I were writing for you — just $570 less.


Each month you will get a new set of 4 emails done for you! Plus, a surprise bonus. 

And if it feels like I’m giving away my email copy strategy? Umm…that’s because I basically am! 

Here’s the thing. I understand that building a business takes time and not every business owner can afford to hire a professional right now.

But I don’t want that to stop you from sending killer emails to your audience.  Because that is how you start increasing your profits and growing your business. 

Sounds like just what you need? (I knew it. That’s why I made it.)


  • Save time and effort. You don’t have to spend hours writing emails from scratch. 
  • Increase your open rates and click-through rates. The emails are written to engage your audience and click your links.
  • Boost your sales. These emails are designed to help you sell your products and services because that is the goal of your business, right?
  • Nurture your email list. The emails don’t sacrifice the relatability and personalization necessary to build relationships with your audience. It’s simple–If they trust you, they want to buy from you. 

No more guessing or staring at that blinking cursor. 

It’s time to write your emails like a professional.

BUY NOW, and emails will be ready to be downloaded on the 20th of each month. 

Imagine having all your emails done for the upcoming month… NOW YOU CAN! 


Note: Cancel anytime by emailing [email protected]

This product is NOT included in my course!

Refunds: I hope you are 100% satisfied! I don’t, however, offer refunds because these templates are digital. But feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have a question about this product. I will be happy to help you. 


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