Creating products to sell on TpT takes a tremendous amount of work. First, products have to appeal to various teachers and students. Second, the products need to be visually appealing to stand out among the many available resources. Third, products need strong marketing to attract potential buyers. Due to these aspects, it can be overwhelming when creating a TpT store. However, there is a way to help! Blogging for TpT is a quick way to advertise to a wide range of buyers. Honestly, there are so many benefits of blogging as a TpT seller! With a bit of planning, store sales will quickly increase! 

blogging for tpt

Setting up a Blog

It is understandable to feel confused about how to get started on blogging. Honestly, adding one more thing to the to-do list on the top of product development may seem daunting. Luckily, blogging for TpT requires only a few steps! 

First, your TpT store needs to have a strong foundation before blogging. When writing a blog, it will advertise a specific product. Thus, potential buyers will click on it and hopefully check out your store. However, if they only see one or two small products, there will not be much to offer. Take the needed time to create various products with solid product descriptions. Every buyer has a different budget and focus in mind, so be sure to market to a wide range of teachers. 

Second, a good blog and website foundation is not always free. Thus, spend time looking at different options to ensure yours is off to a good start. If it is disorganized or hard to search, potential subscribers will find a better option. 

Third, learn everything you can about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This skill takes a blog from being hard to find to the top of a Google search ranking! Luckily, this skill can help strengthen product descriptions on TpT as well. 

Social Media versus Blogging 

Now, you may be thinking that current marketing is only on social media. While social media is helpful, it is not permanent or readily available to all followers. Specifically, posts and stories on certain social media disappear after some time. Additionally, not all followers see posts and stories consistently due to different algorithms. However, blogs do not disappear! Current and new subscribers can always access the blog posts. This also means they can share it with numerous friends over time! Since you control your blogs, you can be sure followers see the new product. 

blogging for tpt

Beginning the Writing Process 

With the number of benefits of blogging as a TpT seller, it can add extra stress on how to begin writing. However, the first step is just to start practicing. The practice blogs may never be posted, but they will help you learn the SEO process and ways to market items. Additionally, practice will show you how to use persuasive language for advertising products. Likewise, you want to find ways to offer suggestions that will benefit teachers in their daily routine. This means that not every blog post may necessarily be selling a product. Some may provide classroom management suggestions while others provide reading comprehension tips. However, each blog is building awareness of what you can offer teachers. Essentially, blogging for TpT increases followers and sales. 

Blogging for TpT Tips 

Learning SEO will be a massive way to draw more people to your blog. SEO will help the product and blog show up at the top of a Google search list Additionally, it will help ensure the writing reads straightforwardly. For instance, you want to keep paragraphs short. People are busy, and they need to quickly find the information they are looking for. Thus, break your blog down into multiple small sections. This will help showcase your product while making the blog easier to read. Additionally, think about the pronoun usage for the post. Some blogs do not use any pronouns while others use “you.” You want to be cautious not to use “I” often because this is talking more about you as the writer and teacher. Instead, you want to showcase how your products and tips benefit the reader. 

Ultimate Outcome of Blogging for TpT

As a TpT seller, you have a goal to generate revenue by selling the products you create. While this is a great way to support other teachers, there are TONS of sellers on TpT. Thus, you have to make your products stand out. While cute graphics and catchy product descriptions are helpful, blogging will take your store and revenue to the next level! One of the best benefits of blogging as a TpT seller involves showcasing the products that you work tirelessly to create. A blog allows you to share your expertise, tips, and tricks with fellow teachers in a format that sticks around forever. Best of all, SEO formatting enables you to have an advantage for your product to show up higher on a search result. Thus, you will be ahead of sellers who are just selling on TpT or posting on social media. Luckily, your blog will generate traffic and revenue long after you initially post it! 

Honestly, there are so many benefits of blogging as a TpT seller. While generating more revenue will be amazing, you will also build brand awareness. Followers will know who you are and how you can help them. With blogging for TpT, your store will move to the next level as followers know the high-quality products they can purchase! Want to outsource blogging? My team would love to increase your revenue and drive the brand awareness of your business. Check it out today! 

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