Are you looking to start a new business advertising your products and services? Or, are you trying to bring in more subscribers? Both of these aspects are easily achievable with email marketing funnels! While this may sound like a fancy business term, it isn’t. Following the simple steps below will help take your offering from a side hustle to a prospering business. 

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What is an Email Marketing Funnel? 

Do you ever walk through a store, and someone is trying to sell a certain product? They jump right at you and start rambling about how their product can help you. Many times, people just walk away. This is because the seller is throwing too much at you! Thankfully, an email marketing funnel will ensure this does not happen with your business. Ultimately, email marketing funnels smoothly move customers through a sales pitch. Business owners carefully craft their sequence to sell a product or service without bombarding potential subscribers. Instead, they use persuasive selling and benefits of their materials to encourage people to subscribe and buy. 

Importance of Email Marketing Funnels 

Currently, social media is a massive influence on society. However, you do not have control over how the different platforms work. For instance, do you only see posts from the same businesses even though you follow many others? This is part of the algorithm, and you cannot change that. Sadly, this means that many people- ones who could be potential buyers- will never see your offerings. You also cannot change when the platform deletes and you lose your list of subscribers. Only the company can. Due to these issues, it is essential to use more than just social media. 

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Thankfully, an email list is a marketing platform that you own and control. You decide when emails go out. Likewise, you decide what is within each one. This means you determine the length, frequency, promotions, and wording. 

Growing an Email Marketing Funnel 

When developing an email marketing strategy, traffic is one of the most critical aspects. You need people on a list who will receive your sequence. 

There are typically two ways to grow your list of subscribers. The first involves opt-in forms. Often, this looks like a spot where viewers submit their names and email address. This is an excellent option because you can embed opt-in forms anywhere within your blog posts or website. You can even create different opt-in forms using CovertKit. This means there are specific forms you will include based on what you are advertising. This may be anything from products to services. 

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The second way to grow your funnel involves a landing page. This is similar to an opt-in form but allows you to do more. Specifically,  a landing page creates something that looks like a sales page. Examples of what it could showcase include an email course, digital workbooks, or printables. Ultimately, a landing page leads to your email marketing funnel. It highlights the benefits of your services without pushing subscribers to buy at this point. 

Lifetime Customers 

No one wants to lose subscribers. When using email marketing funnels, the hope is to attract more and more followers. However, it is essential to respect the followers and not pressure them to buy all the time. Thus, it is crucial to crafting your content. 

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Don’t just jump right into a sale. Instead, let subscribers know who you are. Introduce yourself and let people know you are relatable. Ultimately, you want to build trust. Then, you can educate your audience about your products and services. After this, you can begin your sales pitch. By following this format, subscribers will know who you are and trust you can help them. They will be excited when you share new products because they love the quality you produce. 

Funnel Sequence Package 

Email marketing funnels are the best way to reach out to followers consistently. Setting the time between emails ensures you are not overwhelming subscribers. However, you are still appropriately showcasing how you can help. Whether this is tips, tricks, or products, you support your loyal followers. 

Luckily, there is a funnel sequence package just for you! Not Another Virtual Assistant offers the best Email Marketing Package! You will be able to provide a freebie and upsell a product with this four-email sequence or workflow package! You can add additional emails and landing page creation for an additional cost. Honestly, this package will make your life easier and bring in loyal subscribers. Rates start at $300. Be sure to book an Email Marketing Package appointment today!

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Email marketing funnels will take your business to the next level! You will bring in subscribers, create a loyal following, and increase your sales. By taking the time to set this up now, you will always be ready to attract and greet new subscribers. 

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