Cold Subscriber DIY Video and Email Template


Welcome to the DIY cold subscriber package to learn how to clean your list in a few easy steps. Use these templates and videos to re-engage your email subscribers to your email list.


This is a DIY cold subscriber package with two email templates and two how-to videos for Flodesk and Convertkit to email cold subscribers. Cold subscribers are people who have not opened your emails in over 90 days. They drag down your open rates, click rates, and cost you money. It’s important to clean your list every 90 days to give you accurate numbers of email success and reduce the cost of your email provider.

I  used to get upset cleaning my list, but now I  realize they are not the people I  want on my email list. I  want subscribers who click, open, and buy on my email list.

What’s included:

  1. Video on  how to clean your list for Flodesk
  2. Video on how to clean your list for Convertkit
  3. two email templates to keep cold subscribers on your email list

If you want to DIY your own cold subscriber package, this is the package for you! If want me to do it for you, I  offer this $300 service a year too!

Stop pulling your hair out every time you log into your email provider. ​ Hi – have we met? I’m Melissa, but my clients call me the email marketing queen from Not Another VA. It’s taken me four years in business and over 150 clients to learn the ins and outs of email marketing that are touted as “easy to use” and “business changing.” ​

This product is included in my course! 

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