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As a busy business owner you have a lot on your plate: products, social media, and emails!  Are you unsure what to write in weekly emails? Are you not sure how to write a weekly email without being salesy? Then the answer is this email marketing video. This perfect 20 minute how-to-write email marketing video is a quick simple step-by-step guide that takes you through all the steps to design a successful email. It will teach you actionable steps to get higher click and open rates!

I’ve been SO excited to share this with you because teachers tell me time and time again how much they struggle with weekly emails.

This product is NOT included in my course


What’s included in the how-to-write weekly emails?

  • A 20-minute video tutorial on how to write weekly emails
  • Sample emails audited with my proven method.


The weekly email marketing tips and video will help you with: 

  • Write better quality and timely emails.
  • Increase click and open rates with my proven system.
  • Keeps your brand in mind.
  • Takes the guesswork out HOW to write emails
  • A simple and easy-to-follow checklist



Stop pulling your hair out every time you log into your email provider. ​ Hi – have we met? I’m Melissa, but my clients call me the email marketing queen from Not Another VA. It’s taken me four years in business and over 150 clients to learn the ins and outs of email marketing that are touted as “easy to use” and “business changing.” ​


This product is NOT included in my course! 

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