There is no doubt about it- every part of crafting an email is stressful. First, there are the subject lines for emails. If they do not catch subscribers’ attention, people will not click to open. Second, there is the actual email. If the subscriber does not like the tone or message, they can quickly click unsubscribe. On top of this, the products or resources need to fit the person’s needs. If they do not, tons of other people are out there offering their services and materials. This means crafting an email takes time, focus, and attention to detail. Since the subject line is the first detail people see, let’s focus on subject lines that convert to sales. While a subject line is short, it is a powerful aspect that can lead to a sale or an unsubscribe. 

Subject Lines for Emails

Qualities of Good Subject Lines for Emails 

A good subject line will reflect the email’s content. However, it will also be intriguing and exciting enough to make people want to open the email. If the subject line does not do this, the subscriber may quickly click delete. So, it is crucial to explore subject lines that convert to sales and how to write them!

  1. Short: If subject lines for emails are too long, short, or vague, the email has a higher chance of getting lost. People receive so many emails each day, so this is easy to happen. The key is to strike a balance. Yes, this is hard to do at first, but having people open your email is essential. Good subject lines that convert to sales are clear enough to give the person an idea of what the email contains. However, they do not give too much away. 
    1. Urgency: While you do not want to scare people, you want them to open your email quickly. Otherwise, they will open someone else’s and may purchase from them instead. Your subject line wants to grab their attention and show that your message is important. 
    1. Personalized: While people know your email goes out to many others, they want it to feel personalized. This makes them feel important and helps them gain trust and confidence in your materials. 
    1. Relevant: There are many email marketing business owners out there. When crafting subject lines for emails, you want them to reflect current trends. If you are sending an email to teachers in the spring, the subject line may mention exhaustion or state testing. If you are sending an email to new business owners, the subject line may mention a leap of faith. Crafting subject lines that convert to sales feels authentic and resonates with your subscribers.

    More subject line tips

    5. Hook ’em with benefit: Focus on the value your blog post offers. What problem does it solve? Will it make them laugh, save them money, or teach them something new? Telegraph that benefit in the subject line.

    6. Keep it concise: Aim for under 5 words or less and an emoji. This ensures it won’t get cut off in inboxes and keeps it scannable.

    7. Spark curiosity: A little mystery can go a long way. Use a surprising stat, ask a question, or hint at a solution without giving everything away. For instance, instead of “The Importance of Sleep,” try “Sleepless? Here’s Why You Should Worry.”

    8. Keywords matter: Include relevant keywords people might search for. This helps with discoverability, but don’t stuff keywords unnaturally

    9. A/B test (when possible): If you have an email list, lastly consider sending two versions of your subject line to a small segment and see which gets a better open rate. This can help you refine your approach over time. You can do this with Convertkit.

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