Do you check your spam folder every day? Every week? Even every month? You probably do not. Spam collects the junk emails we do not want. However, not all emails that end up in this folder are spam. Unfortunately, your emails may go straight to the spam folder of people who want to read them! So, focusing on improving email deliverability is essential! Luckily, these tips will help ensure your emails go to your subscribers’ inbox and have a clean email list. 

Imagine this: you spend hours crafting the perfect email newsletter, full of valuable content and engaging offers. You hit send, feeling confident your message will reach the right audience. But then, the numbers roll in: low open rates, dismal click-throughs, and a sprinkle of unsubscribes. What went wrong?

improving email deliverability

Delivery versus Deliverability 

While delivery and deliverability sound similar, they are very different. If you’ve tracked the delivery rate of your emails, this is the number of emails successfully delivered. However, this does not account for where the emails went. So, you may have a high delivery rate, but the emails may end up in the spam folder. On the other hand, deliverability measures the inbox placement. This will measure the number of emails that end up in a subscriber’s inbox versus a spam folder. Luckily, there are tips to follow when improving email deliverability! 


While all email management systems are different, there are ways to help ensure your emails end up in the inbox. For instance, Convertkit is a simple yet powerful way to increase deliverability. This tool automatically accounts for the different mailbox providers when placing emails in subscribers’ inboxes. Additionally, it stays on top of trends and changes within the email industry to maintain a high deliverability rate. This includes ensuring invalid emails do not impact your reputation, managing feedback loops, and stopping spammers. Honestly, this tool is an incredible resource to make a powerful impact on improving email deliverability. 

Additional Tips For Deliverability 

Being in the email marketing business is competitive. However, there are ways to grow and expand your business without unnecessary stress. 

  1. Focus on Your Subscribers: While it may sound fantastic to buy an email list, you do not want to do this. Focus on those who wish to receive your emails. By building your own list, you will have the following of people who support your brand. 
  1. Double Opt-In: As you focus on your subscribers, utilize a double opt-in. This will ensure you have real emails on your list. 
  1. Segment Your Email List: When setting up your email, segment it based on what the subscriber wants. This will help ensure subscribers do not mark your emails as spam if you send them something other than their interests. 
  1. Use Lead Magnets: This is a great incentive to offer when improving email deliverability. However, be sure to be specific to your brand. If your brand focuses on phonics, provide a sample lesson of what you can offer. 
  1. Focus on Your Subject Line: While this is a small part of your email, it is essential to focus on it. This is the first aspect subscribers see when scrolling through their email. Since people receive many emails every day, your subject line must stand out. 
  1. Create Email Domain: If you use a free domain, such as @gmail, the chances of spam automatically increase. So, create your own domain to decrease this chance. 
  1. Email Quality: There is a ton of competition out there. So, you need to compose high-quality emails with a combination of words and images. This increases the value to your subscribers and offers them something they want. Additionally, personalize your emails. If your subscribers know you care about them, they are more likely to care about your emails. Be sure to do all of this in about 500 characters- not words. Don’t forget to spell check! 

Why is it important to clean your email list?

The culprit might be lurking in your email list itself. Cold subscribers – those who haven’t interacted with your emails in a while – can drag down your entire email marketing strategy. Here’s why cleaning them out is a spring cleaning must for your list:

Ready to spring clean your list?

Many email marketing platforms offer tools to identify inactive subscribers. Consider a re-engagement campaign before hitting delete, offering a valuable incentive to rekindle interest.

By cleaning out cold subscribers, you’ll be left with a healthy, engaged list that drives results. So go forth, declutter your inbox, and watch your email marketing flourish!

Even the most engaging content can’t hold everyone’s interest forever, that’s why my cold subscriber package is a must-have for your email list!

Don’t worry about having the biggest list, focus on the most engaged. I automatically remove subscribers withn the cold subscriber package who haven’t opened an email in 90 days (considered cold subscribers), keeping your list fresh, emails engaging, costs down, and open/click rates accurate.

The cold subscriber package is $300 a year, I identify cold subscribers, craft win-back emails, automate them, check results, and send you a final list of truly unengaged contacts. This ensures your emails reach engaged audiences and relevant customers. Sign up today to have your email list cleaned by Not Another VA!

Amazing Help with Improving Email Deliverability 

There is a lot to take in when improving email deliverability. I’ve been there, and I understand the frustration. However, I can help you with that! Be sure to Book a Call to Get Help! I’ve been in the business for years and will help set your business up for success. 

Email marketing is an amazing business to be part of. However, it is highly competitive with new people joining each day. So, it is imperative to focus on improving email deliverability. This is the first step to getting your name and brand out there. Luckily, using these tips and Booking a Call to Get Help will ensure you are on the right path!

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improving email deliberability

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