Email marketing is a massive aspect of growing your business. However, one wrong email can mean a drastic loss of followers. Since it takes a lot of time to build up a strong following, this is never a good thing. This is why it is imperative to figure out the best way to grow your email marketing business. Thankfully, this guide will walk you through how to use Flodesk, which is an excellent, stress-free way to increase your subscribers. 

What is Flodesk?

Flodesk is an email marketing service provider. Creators built it, which means it centers around people who know what creators actually need. It is an incredible way to design and send marketing emails. Best of all, it includes opt-in forms to grow your following and automated emails to ensure you never have to worry about hitting send. 

Step 1: Account Creation 

When learning how to use Flodesk, the first step involves signing up for an account. Then, it is time to review your settings. To do this, go to “Account Settings” and “Overview.” You want to make sure to have your account email, which can be different from the one you send emails from. Also, be sure your timezone is correct. Now, go to “Account Settings” and “Branding.” This will allow you to set up your brand details, such as logo, colors, company details, and social links. After this, your account is all ready to get going. 

Step 2: Subscribers 

When adding in subscribers, there are two ways to do this. You will first need to navigate to “Audience” and then “Subscribers.” You can then upload a CSV with your existing subscribers. Or, you can add individual subscribers one at a time if you still need to get a large following. 

To help build your subscriber list, create an opt-in form. So, go to “Audience Dashboard” and “Segments.” Then, click on “+New Segment.” You can select from three types. A popup form will have a form pop up when someone visits your website. An inline form will appear as a natural part of your website as viewers scroll down. A full-page form will be a shareable URL if your website is not ready yet. You will then proceed through the steps to set up your form. If you get stuck, click on the “Forms” dashboard and “Create + new.”


Step 3: Email Creation

After preparing your account, it is time to build your email. You can draft it on a blank document and copy-paste it to Flodesk. Then, go to “Emails Dashboard” and click “Create + New Email.” As you start, you can use one of the provided templates or create one from scratch. 

After making this choice, it is time to begin building your email. This involves setting layout blocks, which create an image element of special fonts and custom graphics. Next, it is time to work on text blocks. These optimize the email for searchability and deliverability in the inbox. As you hover over an existing block in the image, click on the plus sign and select the image block. This will allow you to upload photos and graphics from your computer. You can even add a button block, which is incredibly helpful! This will enable subscribers to click on a pre-made button, such as “Reply to Me!” You can also add an Instagram account if you want people to see your social email accounts quickly 

Importantly, it is vital to select the footer block, which contains the mandatory unsubscribe option.

Step 4: Sending the Email with Flodesk

After you’ve built your email in Flodesk, it is time to send it out! To do this, click “Next” in the top right corner of the screen. Then, double-check the Who’s this email coming from? section. This should show your name and sending email address. Next, write your subject line and preview text. After doing this, you will choose your recipients, which is where you can use a CSV list or add individual emails. Lastly, select when the email should send out or opt to send it immediately. 


Flodesk Training 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, I get it! Learning any new software or format can be incredibly stressful. Luckily, there are resources to help. 

There is a 2 Hour Training on How to Use Flodesk! This will allow you to walk away with actionable steps to improve your email marketing drastically. Thankfully, this will help you save hours of trial and error time when learning how to use Flodesk. Instead, you will learn all the ins and outs and tricks of using Flodesk to help maximize your earning potential. 

Live Training 

If you prefer live training, there is another excellent option for you! The Live Email Training includes a 60-minute training call to learn the tricks of using Flodesk! Honestly, this is the perfect way to ask questions and instantly receive answers. As an added perk, you will receive a recording for future reference. This training is the ideal way to focus on maximizing your earning potential with email marketing! 

Email marketing can be incredibly stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be! After learning how to use Flodesk, reaching out to subscribers will be a seamless process. Best of all, you will see your earning potential soar!

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