Let’s face it- people have tons of email marketing options to subscribe to for tips, services, products, and guidance. So, your emails need to stand out above all the rest. Since learning how to write emails that sell can be challenging, I am here to help you! You will gain confidence, subscribers, and revenue from these tips and the How to Write Emails Guide

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What is Email Marketing?

Overall, email marketing promotes a product or service while developing relationships with customers. Emails inform subscribers about new strategies, tools, promotions, and products.

Benefits of Email Marketing 

Honestly, there are so many reasons to learn how to write emails that sell! Email marketing has far greater rewards than any other type of advertising on social media! 

Having an email subscriber list allows you to connect with people who have similar interests. Additionally, emails allow you to build relationships, have consistency in communication, and stay up to date on new information. 

Preparing Emails that Sell 

If you want to generate revenue that impacts your life, there are essential tips. 


This is the number one strategy when learning how to write emails that sell! You need to send your email at the same time on the same day of the week. Yes, this includes holidays and summer break. Your subscribers will know when they will hear from you and look forward to checking their email. Honestly, there are far too many people advertising their products and services in email marketing not to stay consistent. 


While the words are the focus of the email, the appearance greatly matters! So, colors, fonts, and headings are important. The email needs to look clean and organized. You can even use one template to ensure this happens! 

Writing the Email 

The right wording is crucial when learning how to write emails that sell! You want it to be friendly and conversational. In other words, act like you are writing to your teacher bestie. 

When writing the email, be sure to stick to one theme. Teachers are handling enough as it is, so keep the email on one aspect to avoid including an overwhelming amount of information. Additionally, make sure to follow the rule of 3. This means there are no more than 3 sentences per paragraph. Similarly, you want to write 2-3 sentences about the product you are advertising. 

If you are giving away a freebie, only mention it once in the email. Then, put it in the middle or bottom of the email. You do not want to overwhelm your subscribers by pushing this too hard. 

Always remember that upsells are the focus of emails! 

Standing out in the Inbox 

Since so many people and companies use email marketing, you want yours to stand out in the inbox. For example, add a subject line with about 5 words and an emoji. If you are giving away a freebie, add FREEBIE in the subject line. Similarly, don’t be afraid to change your subject lines to keep your subscribers guessing. You may ask a question or have something that makes them curious. 

Call to Action 

A call to action is usually a word, phrase, or sentence that prompts the customer to take action. Most times, they appear in the form of a button. With the right call, you can persuade subscribers to visit your site, read your content, and purchase your product/service. 

Extra Guidance and Help 

I know learning how to write emails that sell can be overwhelming. Honestly, it takes a ton of trial and error, and many people do not have the time or resources to do this. Luckily, the How to Write Emails Guide provides an email marketing checklist and video. It includes a step-by-step guide and lesson that ensures you know how to design a successful email! 

Email marketing is an amazing yet demanding business. There are so many options for subscribers, so yours needs to be written just right. Thankfully, these tips are here to transform your emails into one subscribers look forward to!If you want all email marketing tips, join my email list to be notified of all exciting products, offerings, and tools! By joining the email list, you will receive freebies for exclusive blog subscribers!

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