Honestly, it does not feel like there are 24 hours in a day! Some days, it feels like much less than this. There is always so much to get done. This often leads to me being frustrated and overwhelmed. Since no one wants to feel like this, I had to figure out why. I consider myself a highly productive person, so batching my tasks was the answer. Instead of being confused and wasting so much time jumping from task to task, I’ve taken back control of my work time. I now do the same task over and over until I finish the job. Then, I can move on to the next task with a refreshed, focused mind. Since work-life balance is so important, I am excited to share my technique of email batching!

email batching

What is Email Batching?

Email batching is the ideal method for tackling your to-do list! It minimizes endless interruptions lurking in your inbox and disrupting your email writing process. Ultimately, it allows you to start and finish important tasks. This will help you feel accomplished and clear your mind before moving to the next item. 


There are several key benefits of email batching! 

Using email batching helps reduce context switches. Every time you switch between tasks, your brain takes a while to get back in the groove. This negatively impacts productivity because you spend less time operating at full speed. Ultimately, checking your emails every 20 minutes won’t get you in the zone on your projects. So, email batching leads to increased efficiency. 

When you complete repetitive tasks in a batch, you use your time and talents most efficiently. So, you will spend less time processing email if you do it twice a day versus fifty times a day. 

Essentially, email batching leads to lower stress, which everyone needs! Checking emails is stressful. By email batching, you will switch off for longer periods, allowing you to embrace a flow state on your key projects. No one will even notice you work in this format because of how organized and effective it makes you! This is far more relaxing than whacking moles in your inbox!

How to Batch Email Checking 

As with anything, working in a new order can take time and practice. However, this adjustment will be well worth it! 

Now that we understand why email batching is useful, let’s get to the details. 

Essentially, batching emails boils down to two tasks. First, you must schedule a time to check your emails twice daily. By committing to a time, you will always have a dedicated opportunity to check emails and respond, as needed. Second, you need to clear aside old emails. It is essential to start from a clean slate. This will ensure you are using your time effectively. 

How do I batch email scheduling and writing?

Personally, I sit down ONCE a month and plan all of my emails. I actually make errors when I send an email at random times. While the planning process takes time, it ensures I am accurate, efficient, and on top of my tasks. 

Since there is so much to manage in life, I have a calendar reminder on my Asana to sit down on the 28th of the month. During this time, I plan, write, and schedule the next month of emails. This dedicated time allows me to be much more efficient. Then, the whole next month, I can plan email ideas for the upcoming months. 

Planning Ideas 

While planning emails, I love to use the Email Marketing Content Calendar! This helps me write down my ideas and ensure I always have fresh, innovative emails. 

Email Marketing Help 

Want help with batch planning for emails and blogs? You can set up a Zoom Coaching Call with me! I would love to help you start this process and take your business to the next level. 

Honestly, email batching has been an essential factor in my productivity journey. No matter how many emails you receive or write, you can complete batches within 30 minutes or less! Thankfully, you can spend the rest of the day focusing on stuff you feel is important. 

Once you start batching emails, I promise you’ll wonder how you survived without it! 
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