There is no doubt about it- operating an online business is hard! Since relationships and conversations depend on emails, the wording has to be just right. Additionally, the offerings within each email have to fit the needs of each subscriber. This is essential since there are so many people involved in email marketing. If a person does not like one email, they can quickly hit the unsubscribe button. So, it is essential to consider segments vs groups. Doing this will help ensure subscribers receive the updates and products they want to see! So, let’s dive into why you should segment with Flodesk or tag your list! 

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segments vs groups

What is email segmentation?

Email segmentation is breaking up your email subscribers into small groups. Often, this is done based on the criteria or preferences of your subscribers. 

Benefits of Email Segmentation 

Analyzing benefits is key when wondering why you should segment or tag your list! So, let’s explore a few of the biggest factors. 

  1. Personalization: You can personalize emails to a great extent. This aspect is crucial since everyone is so busy in life and gets tons of emails a day. If you keep sending people emails they do not want, they will unsubscribe. However, if you send them emails that fit their needs and preferences, they will look forward to opening your emails. 
  2. Higher Open Rates: People receive so many emails each day! Many times, the majority of emails just get deleted. However, if you segment your list, emails will appeal to the reader on a more personal level.
  3. Decrease Unsubscribe Rates: Again, people receive too many emails. As they do, they become frustrated with the time it takes to delete useless emails. However, segmenting means fewer reasons a person would need to unsubscribe. Instead, they receive emails tailored to their interests. 
  4. Customized Products: People will subscribe to you for different reasons. For instance, some want tips and suggestions, while others wish to receive product offerings. Segmenting allows you to customize who receives which offerings you provide. Thankfully, this can lead to more clicks and traffic to your site and products. 

Ultimately, segmenting your emails allows recipients to receive targeted emails. When this happens, your click rate and purchase rate greatly improve! Best of all, you develop consistent relationships as people are excited to receive your emails. 

Email Clean Up 

Hopefully, it is clear why you should segment or tag your list. As an added suggestion, run regular email list clean-ups. You want to be sure every space on your email following has someone who wants to see your emails. 

Segmenting Help 

If you’re stressed and overwhelmed about segmenting, I understand why! There is a lot to keep straight. Thankfully, I offer a 30-minute Zoom Training Coaching Service! We will work on maximizing your email service and answer any questions you have. If you need more assistance, there is even a 1 Hour Zoom Training Coaching Service! This will ensure we can go on a deep dive into your email service and maximize your business potential. 

Ultimately, email is a powerful tool for your business. However, subscribers have preferences over which emails they receive and how often they receive them. This is why you should consider segments vs groups! Doing this will help create a strong following of dedicated subscribers.

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