Do you often stress yourself out over crafting the perfect email? Are you always worried people will not read the intended message correctly? Honestly, there are so many concerns when writing an email! Since reading one sentence wrong can lead to lost subscribers, it is crucial to word everything correctly. However, busy lives do not allow people to spend endless hours pouring over one email. Additionally, not every business owner can afford to hire a team to distribute the responsibilities. Thankfully, the Email Club is here to help you write incredible emails in a short amount of time!

Email Club

The Stress of Emails 

When writing an email, you have to keep so many things in mind. This includes crafting the wording in just the right way. If not, people can read your message or tone in a pushy way. Additionally, you have to watch the amount of writing you include. People are busy and do not have time to read a short story. So, there is a delicate balance between not wanting to sound pushy but wanting to explain your topics or products. This is why the Email Club is so helpful! It takes care of all this stress for you. 

Email Club 

Joining this club now allows you to get 4 monthly emails delivered on the 20th of each month! Each email is plug-and-play, so you just add in your personalized details. You will now write an entire month of emails in minutes. Honestly, it will feel so nice to take this time-consuming process off your plate!

email marketing

As an email club member, you will also receive a special surprise each month! 


Every email in the club is plug-and-play. This means you simply insert a few keywords and your links. There are prompts, examples, and clear call to actions to make writing emails easier than ever. So, it is like completely personalizing an email within minutes. Best of all, this occurs through one affordable cost. It is like hiring an email writer for you but at a fraction of the cost. 

The plug-and-play details stand out to save even more time. This includes prompts and instructions in [red + brackets] for spots where you personalize your brand voice. This allows you to add details that set your business apart from the rest. Then, there are places marked in blue where you simply copy and paste your blog posts, products, courses, and podcasts. 


Essentially, the email club ensures all 4 plug-and-play emails are personalized, readable, and relatable! 

What are clients saying about email club?

“Melissa’s email templates have been a game-changer for me and my business. Crafting emails would take me an hour or more, but I can batch and have a month’s worth of emails done in less time with Melissa’s templates. The best part is the templates help me craft emails that nurture and engage my community. The templates are pure gold! Melissa has thought of everything!” Melissa – Annotated ELA

“I love the emails!! They are so useful! I love that they are relative to the time of year, plus the bonus was a super fun surprise!! Also, I love that they are meant to sell your products without being too salesy. I can’t wait to send them out next month. Plus, the color coding makes it super easy to just plug in the info and send.” Shelby—Lavender Learning

“For anyone who is on the fence about joining Melissa Seideman email club- here is your nudge to join! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I  am so thrilled to try the emails Melissa has put together! I   email my list every week and I am not great about planning ahead or batching them! I prefer not to go too far ahead and the month at a time is perfect to help me get them done! The emails are crafted to make adding your specific products and stories very easy to do. I love the swipe file format! For anyone who is also in YDP-the emails from the club work PERFECTLY in conjunction with your weekly Top Products list! I am using that to decide which products to add to with email and when based on the history of sales. I am looking forward to this email club helping me reach my goals for 2024!” -Michele Forman Rothstein

Joining the Email Club 

Business owners have so many decisions to make to keep generating sales and subscribers. If you’re ready to increase your profits, grow your business, and build relationships with little stress, the email club is for you! There are so many incredible benefits that make it perfect for many reasons. 

Email marketing is a tough business. You always have to stay at the top of your game, which can be stressful and overwhelming. Thankfully, the Email Club takes a lot of pressure off your plate. You will have 4 amazingly crafted emails to save you time and effort every month. With a few words and links, you will click send, boost your sales, and gain the trust of your subscribers!


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