Teacher Author Toolkit

Unlock the full potential of your business with the
Teacher Author Toolkit: Carefully crafted resources designed to prep, market and grow your business!

Is The Teacher Author Toolkit right for you?

What is the Teacher Author Toolkit?

The Teacher Author Toolkit is a comprehensive bundle of resources designed to support you in every aspect of your business. 

This bundle is unique and only available August 13th-21st, 2023. 

This toolkit is the solution for you if you are
overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list and

underwhelmed with your current results!

Teacher Author Toolkit Sale Ends


These bundles will make your life easier!

We have teamed up with a group of talented freelancers who support teacher-authors.

Together, we’ve rounded up an amazing collection of teacher author resources to help you thrive in the online business world! 

The Teacher Author Toolkit bundles offer a range of valuable tools including social media and email templates, professionally crafted emails, fonts, clip art, and so much more!

Say goodbye to overwhelming to-do lists and endless hours spent trying to do it all yourself.

Let my freelancer friends and I help you save time, streamline your business processes, and focus on what you love most—building your business and creating exceptional resources.

The Teacher Author Toolkit comes in a variety of options!

Prep Bundle

Save valuable time with ready-to-use product prep tools. Access a variety of fonts, clip art, and other professionally crafted design resources to make your content shine.

Market Bundle

Let us handle the behind-the-scenes logistics of your online presence. Optimize your social media strategy to reach a wider audience. Drive traffic and increase conversions with expertly crafted marketing techniques. social media and email templates.

Grow Bundle

Unlock the secrets to sustainable growth for your teacher-author business. Receive personalized guidance on scaling your online presence. Stay ahead of the curve with insider tips and tricks from industry professionals.

Prep, Market, & Grow MEGA BUNDLE!

Get the ultimate package that combines all three bundles into one powerhouse resource. Maximize your efficiency, save precious time, and supercharge your business growth.

Choose the toolkit bundle that suits your needs or go all-in with our mega bundle.

It's time to wave goodbye to overwhelm and say hello to success!

If you have any questions, please email us a [email protected]

Remember, you don't have to do it all alone. Let's take your busines to the next level with some of the best in the business to support you every step of the way. What are you waiting for?

Teacher Author Toolkit Sale Ends


Grab your Teacher Author Toolkit!



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"One of the best purchases I've made all year."
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"Thank you. I purchased the Mega Bundle and love it! This bundle exceeded my expectations! There are trainings and tools I didn't expect to receive! Thanks. This Toolkit is awesome!"
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"I am super excited about this Mega Bundle and will need to digest it in parts. So, thanks to you and to all the contributors! It’s totally jam packed! I look forward to learning and applying all that I can!"
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"Thank you so much for this amazing bundle! I just ordered the Mega Bundle (FOMO!)There’s so much I haven’t seen it all yet! Can’t wait to dive in!!"
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"I purchased the Market Bundle from the Teacher Author Toolkit Sale, and I am so excited to use the social media calendar [that’s included]. I am so excited to use these ideas for my Social Media. Thanks for this awesome resource!"
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"I purchased the mega bundle and I'm overwhelmed (in the BEST way!) with all of the goodies inside! I am especially thrilled with all the templates - from social media, to email copy, to preview templates, it is in there! I can't wait to really dive in and check everything out! Thanks so much to the creators for this great resource!"
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"Thank you so much for this amazing sale! I ended up getting the MEGA Bundle because after looking at all three options, I knew I could benefit from all of them. I really loved it and loved how you had everything separated into different bundles instead of just everything lumped into one bundle. I really think having everything separate gave a lot more people the opportunity to customize their orders and their needs. This was a fabulous idea! I'm so happy with my purchase and have already used so many of the components. I can't wait to use even more in the upcoming weeks and months!"


All this information and more is included on each product’s individual page. Simply click on the image of the bundle you’re interested in (above) and you’ll be able to view more product images and a detailed description.

After purchasing, you’ll receive a welcome email with your bundle attached. You’ll be able to access & download your resources via this login until January 1st, 2024. You’ll want to download them before access ends!

Once downloaded, you can keep your resources forever!! But you must download your resources by January 1st, 2024.

We take credit cards with Stripe or Paypal, or Pay Later if you want a payment plan. 

Due to the digital nature of these products, no refunds will be accepted. 

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