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Join the email club now and get four monthly emails designed to nurture and sell to your customers. Perfect for DIY digital product business owners who want email support for a fraction of the price of hiring an email marketing specialist or copywriter. Each month, you will get a new set of 4 emails done for you! Plus, a surprise bonus. No commitment-> Cancel anytime!


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Each month you will get a new set of 4 emails done for you! 



Melissa’s email templates have been a game-changer for me and my business. Crafting emails would take me an hour or more, but I can batch and have a month’s worth of emails done in less time with Melissa’s templates. The best part is the templates help me craft emails that nurture and engage my community. The templates are pure gold! Melissa has thought of everything!” Melissa – Annotated ELA

And if it feels like I’m giving away my email copy strategy? Umm…that’s because I basically am! 

Here’s the thing. I understand that building a business takes time and not every business owner can afford to hire a professional right now.

But I don’t want that to stop you from sending killer emails to your audience.  Because that is how you start increasing your profits and growing your business. 

Sounds like just what you need? (I knew it. That’s why I made it.)

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