Email Power Hour

The Email Power hour Membership is a monthly group support coaching - so you can get help with email marketing in real time, surrounded by community.


What is email power hour?

EMAIL POWER HOUR is one hour of drop-in email support from me.

It is the solution for anyone
overwhelmed by the email process and

underwhelmed with the email results!

*Note: Times may adjust but you will receive an email in advance of changes.

Why I started email power hour?

I started Email Power Hour because I was frustrated at seeing so many small businesses fail from a lack of support with email marketing.

With me, you never have to do it all—and not alone in this email marketing journey!

Together, we’ll turn your feelings of being overwhelmed into a sigh of relief when you can start making email work for you. My goal is to help you always succeed and feel like you can successfully market your business. 

Here's what to expect with an EMAIL POWER HOUR!

Get live support!

Ask questions with a live demo!

Session recordings for reference emailed to you!


Join email power hour now! No commitment- Sign up for one month or a year!

Client Success!!

I can’t wait to start supporting you as you transform your email marketing strategy!

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